Episode 3: Rob Lauber on Building a Modern Corporate University

McDonald’s Global Chief Learning Officer on Influencing Real Change

When he stepped into the role as chief learning officer at McDonald's Corporation in 2014, Rob Lauber had a unique opportunity. The company was about to move from its longtime suburban headquarters into the heart of downtown Chicago. But it was more than just a simple change of location. McDonald’s wanted to inject fresh thinking into the business, spark innovation and attract the kind of young digital talent that would spur the company forward.

Rob and his learning team took the opportunity to rethink the purpose of Hamburger University, the company’s storied corporate university, and design from scratch what a modern corporate learning institution should look like.

In this podcast, we talk to Rob about that move, the personal and professional risks involved, and how the decisions he made reflect the trend of learning leaders playing a bigger and more influential role in business strategy.

Show Notes:

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Mike Prokopeak