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The learning industry’s favorite “power breakfast” has become its most valuable original podcast. Each week, co-hosts Mike Prokopeak and Justin Lombardo invite listeners into an exclusive club of senior learning leaders for one-of-a-kind interviews with innovative enterprise education executives, business authors and industry leaders. Their focus: What learning executives who aim to lead tomorrow need to be doing today.

In spring and fall, Mike and Justin also take the show on the road to key cities across the country for live tapings — boosting the impact via in-person power networking with local learning leaders and loyal listeners.

Now you can leverage not only the industry’s most relevant and riveting content but also the unique relationship between our growing number of listeners and our affable, informed and respected co-hosts to:

  • Reach a highly targeted, eager audience intentionally looking for solutions.

  • Take advantage of a zero-competition, no “ad fatigue” environment.

  • Personalize and differentiate your brand in the digital and live event space.

  • Ratchet up your relevance and influence on the market.

  • Mold the context, content and language of your marketing for maximum impact.

  • Seamlessly integrate into the programming with host-read messages.

  • Tell a genuine story that promotes solutions in a more authentic and trustworthy way.

  • Trigger active response and accelerate the sales cycle.

What We’re Talking About

Who’s Listening

What’s In It For You

Listening to the CLO Breakfast Club podcast — as well as attending a live taping — is extremely intentional. Our audience is already fully tuned in with a strong affinity for the content, including incorporated advertising relating to the conversation. Here’s why, according to the latest Edison Research:

  • Listeners value podcasts because they offer the content and control they can't get from other digital media.

  • Listeners think podcasts feel much more personal compared to online videos or banner ads.

  • Listeners have a strongly positive view of products and services mentioned by the hosts — gives them incentive to act.

  • Listeners respond to both host-read and pre-recorded podcast ads at a significantly higher rate than other forms of digital advertising.

  • Listeners are much more likely to consider, research, purchase and recommend a product after hearing a podcast ad.